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Looking for ideal settings for a stock Roland TD-3

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  • Looking for ideal settings for a stock Roland TD-3

    I've had a TD-3 for quite a while and never could find settings that successfully maintained sensitivity and eliminated crosstalk and overhits. I'm just wondering if anyone else here owns a TD-3 and has settings that are working well for them. Sensitivity, crosstalk, threshold settings... anything would be helpful. I've looked all over for answers but I've found nothing. I've also done a lot of trial and error but it seems like no matter what, something ends up registering up until the point where I've decreased its sensitivity or threshold so much, it doesn't register at all!

    My setup is:
    PD-80 snare
    PD-8 hi-hat and toms (x3)
    CY-8 cymbals (x2)

    As far as kick pedals, I prefer to use two off-brand plastic pedals to the KD-8 kick trigger, but if you do use the kick trigger, I'm fine with working with those settings and adjusting them as needed!

    I also have a spare PD-8 that I can use as a snare, and actually prefer doing so sometimes. If anyone has settings for that as well, that will definitely work.

    Thanks in advance!