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Help with decided between Roland and Yamaha kits. Please help!!

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  • Help with decided between Roland and Yamaha kits. Please help!!

    My wife and I just bought our first home and I am now unable to play my acoustic kit I am honestly really confused and have been frantically searching for some guidance. I have the option of purchasing a lightly used Yamaha DTXtreme II kit for $1400. The most experience I have with electric kits would be the Roland TD-12s and I loved them (Although I am probably biased). I have been playing acoustic for 10 yrs and really want to make a good decision. So without further ado, my options are, buy the Yamaha kit mentioned above, wait and try to find a td-12s or possibly buy a TD-11kv or 15k. I not really sure of all the different features between all kits but I know that I liked the functionality of the 12s. I felt like I could do anything. The main features that I am interested in would be sound quality, the ability to have 3 cymbals and 4 toms (3 toms and 3 cymbals would be more than enough though) also the ability to mix and play with my own music via iPod. I really dig mesh heads but I guess that I don't need them also.

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    Best advice is to go and play that DTX kit. See if you like it. It will have rubber pads, not mesh.

    Modules' sounds are meh, but maybe more important is the number of inputs. The DTXtreme has plenty. The TD11-15 have fewer.
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      $1400 for a DTXtreme 2? Bleh... Where are you located? There's someone selling that same kit with free shipping for $1200 on Reverb. They are even offering a "make an offer" option.
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        DTXtreme IIs in the UK for 695 at the moment. That's about $1000 (not saying you should come here and but it, but it's to give to a market feel).

        The DTX is a great kit and recommended.
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          As Tommy indicated, $1400 for the DTXtreme 2 kit ain't worth it. I'd much prefer the TD-12. I saw your other post about the TD-12 kit. To get an idea about price, check ebay's completed auctions for an idea. Given you input requirements, the TD-12 sounds about right for you.

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            Originally posted by perceval View Post
            Best advice is to go and play that DTX kit. See if you like it. It will have rubber pads, not mesh.
            That's what I did: went to a store, tried them all (A- and E-drums, different suppliers) and made up my mind. In Germany there seems to be no market for used kits, at least it succeeded hiding from me ;-)

            Best, Michael
            td-30 user ;-)