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Where to get Mackie SRS-1500 Sub?

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  • Where to get Mackie SRS-1500 Sub?


    Does anyone know where I can get this awesome sub better than $700.00. This is a must for any V-Drums drummer.


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    I bought mine at the Music Connection in Forest Lake, MN for $669. Talk to Charlie (owner) or Randy. These two can say yes or no.

    phone 1-800-220-5252

    Hope this helps.



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      I got mine at GC for $699.00. I have been watching them a while and that was the best I could find. But it sure is worth it. It kicks butt along with 2 SRS450s.
      Good Luck.


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        wholesalemusic.com has a good price on the Mackie 450s and subwoofer. I just got a quote from them of $599.00 each for the 450, and $699.00 for the sub.

        Thanks, Gregg
        TD-10 Exp, V-15R


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          Thank you all for your posts. I am still researching to see if I can get an even better deal. I tried it out in Sam Ash with my little BOSS DR-770 drum machine and it blew me away. I was so impressed with the low end this thing puts out. Not only it is loud, but the sound quality was so clean and chest thumping good. I plan to hook this to the JBL Eon G2 for stage monitor


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            We waited for that *#@$%! SRS1500 for about a year. After calling all over, emailing mackie, and searching all over the internet I finally got one delivered from Mars Music online for $799 :-( about 4 months ago.

            The sub is sweet though, with it we were able to get smaller mains (new 12" EV Sx300's versus an older pair of 15" EV mains) and our sound is crisper, the kick drum shakes the house, it take up less room, and is easier to carry in and out of gigs.
            Tom Conner