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A to E Build - Rim Silencer suggestions?

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  • A to E Build - Rim Silencer suggestions?

    Looking for a rim silencer for my snare. I don't think I'll need them for my toms. Looking at the Pintech Silentrim. Any other suggestions?


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    this is fuel tank vent hose, BMW part # 16111342049 :


    I joined the ends with Super glue gel - held in place with my hands and a couple layers of paper towel for about 30 seconds. The paper towel makes the air seal and keeps your hands from bonding to the seam. You will need to pick off the excess paper towel that is not super glued to the seam, and then color what is left with a marker. I do this in place, on the rim, but protect the rim from being glued by first covering it with scotch tape.
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