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Roland TD-20 vs Roland TD-15

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  • Roland TD-20 vs Roland TD-15

    ■I'm trying to compare between modules Roland TD-20 vs TD-15 , I intend to record through midi/usb and use my VST's (Steve Slate Drums, Superior Drummer, ETC )
    ■ the TD-20 has 8 audio direct outs, I was wondering if there was an advantage in recording audio (isolated individual channels ex: kick,snare,toms etc) and triggering it with Steven Slate Trigger 2.0 along of capable to record MIDI. ...My concern is the midi out on Roland TD-20 weaker or not accurate compared to TD-15 since the TD-20 is a lot older? OR midi is a hassle with VSTs .And recording 8 direct outs would be flawless especially triggering it. which I already do for lots of clients in my studio with an acoustic drum set , and I do have sufficient studio equipment to do so. but the price tag is high compared to TD-15
    ■Or should I go with TD-15 since it's newer (maybe a better reliable midi/usb ) and there's no benefit or point to having 8 audio direct outs with triggering software; and recording midi/usb only is good enough. and shouldn't waste or spend so much money on the TD-20 with what I'm planning to do.

    ■Can I use this with TD-20 or TD-15, no issues?
    I have:
    PD-100 = TOM 1
    PD-120 = TOM 2
    PD-120= FLOOR TOM
    PD-120= SNARE
    VH-12= HIHAT
    CY8 = CRASH 1
    CY8 = CRASH 2
    CY5 = CHINA
    CY13 = RIDE
    KD-85= KICK

    extra PD-120

    This is my first post, thank you for your time!
    I'm leaning towards V-drum vs recording acoustic , for faster results, pop music clients , and troubling neighbors. Please advise.

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    Welcome to the craziness that is vdrums.com.
    The PD- pads you have will work fine with either module as will the kick and cymbals.
    If you are going to trigger a vst (Steven Slate) then either module will work for that also. Midi is midi coming out of either module also. No advancements in quite some time as far as midi is concerned.
    The only advantage the TD-20 has over the TD-15 would be the direct outs for audio however, the sounds out of the 15 may be a little better. But again if using vst the sounds do not matter.
    The prices of a new TD-15 and a used TD-20 with expansion board or TD-20x should be about the same. TD-20 has been out of production for a few years now.
    Seems to me that either one will work for your needs. I would give the TD-20 an edge because it can do what the 15 can plus has the direct outs and midi in which the 15 does not have.
    Of course the 20 does not have usb.
    Just my opinion of course.
    Good luck
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      VH-12 does not work with TD-15, but it will work with the TD-20.


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        Since you will be triggering VSTs, I think you are looking at the wrong end of each modules. Outputs do not matter in this case.

        The TD20 has more inputs than a TD15, plus has MIDI out and in for adding extra inputs.
        If you intend to keep a small kit, either will do. If you want to add extra toms, cymbals and effects, the TD20 is the way to go.
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          Thanks for all the help guys so it's settled I'm leaning more towards TD-15 I can get it used for $600 .I'll just have to downgrade the VH-12 TO VH-11.

          Although the extra inputs on TD-20 can come in handy and keeping the VH -12 , but the price tag is averaging $800-1000 used , no expansión . Is It Really that Worth it? And the age of the product scares me, if it were to crap out on me.

          Please advise!

          Thanks again for all the informative replies


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            Why would you need expansion if you are using VSTs only?

            TD3s, TD6s are still out there and still working as they should... I don't see why a TD20 wouldn't work fo many years still.

            But it's your call. Do you need the extra inputs? then a TD20 is the way to go. If you couldn't care less about the extra inputs and would settle for the fewer inputs and no expandability a TD15 offers, then, set your mind at peace and go for that one.

            Wait... you already have a VH12? so going to a TD15 would mean selling the VH12 (at a hit in price) and buying a VH11?

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              No luckily I purchased it from an ebay store and they're okay with an exchange. And I got it for a low price. So I'm not taking any hits , except just the fact I'll be downgraded.


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                I would go for the TD20. Far more flexible but forget the internal sounds and go for VSTI's and create a huge kit that will satisfy anyone. You can always make it smaller for clients but you can't expand easily if you don't have the inputs
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                  Yeah I already do have the VH-12, I should just stick with the TD-20. All you members have been so great and responsive, great forum community. So at this point I'm using the midi out of the unit into my Digidesign / Avid 003 midi in, or should I buy Midi cable to usb to connect directly to the computer? Thanks again.


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                    Use the Digisesign. Make sure drivers are up to date.
                    DTX700, eDRUMin 4+10, A2E Dixon kit, Yamaha cymbals, FSR HH
                    Kit Pix http://vdrums.com/forum/album.php?albumid=613

                    My new venture, HiEnd Speakers. : voglosounds.com