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How to clean Gibraltar rack?

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  • How to clean Gibraltar rack?

    Can anyone tell what the best thing is for cleaning a Gibraltar rack? I got it in the mail today ($234 w/shipping from Musician's Friend) and everything's great but the one side arm has tarnish on it that almost looks like rust on a chrome bumper. I just wondered if anyone else has tried cleaning their rack with anything and was successful.



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    call musicians friend and tell them about it. They should not send something to you like that.shameful.tell them to replace it,or you want a refund.
    On cleaning,go to any auto parts store and get mothers chrome polish. I used it on my old gibralter rack for years.
    hope this helps


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      Dear Drummerboy,

      Ya gotta keep greasy pawprints and polish off the horizontal bars so the clamps don't rotate. After you polish them to a retina burning gleam, clean them with Windex!
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        #0000 steel wool pads are excellent for cleaning chrome. Don't worry, no scratches will result.


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          Originally posted by BtnkBndt:
          #0000 steel wool pads are excellent for cleaning chrome. Don't worry, no scratches will result.
          Are you absolutely sure about that, Beatnick?!
          Won't the chrome plating be abraded off?!

          What you say!!
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            #0000 steel wool is very fine. I've used it for years to polish stands, lugs (rmoved from the drum of course), motorcycle parts, car parts etc. If you don't believe me try on something chrome your sensitive about first. Even removes some rust.


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              Thanks for all your replies. There's some good suggestions here. Now If I only had my V-drums... I get them Tuesday or Wednesday.