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Portable Drum riser

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  • Portable Drum riser

    Does anyone know where I can get a portable drum riser, the kind that fold and light enough for V-Drums? I would appreciate for any info.

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    there are several options here.

    I used to have 1 that was 3/4 plywood and milk crates.I used the milk crates to carry hardware,cords,cables,etc...

    then I got this neat one that folded down ,had wheeels,and you could even use it as a hand truck!

    It lasted 6 mo.

    currently,I can't help you on what I have now.It's a full size 1 piece riser,with adjustable hight on the legs.We have a huge trailer to haul our gear around in.

    In the back of modern drummer they had something awhile back,the one with dave weckle on the cover. you might check that.

    there iss a company i have looked at that custom make risers and frames


    and whatever happened to falicon?
    place in florida used to do custom stuff.


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      Many years ago when I actually played out and about I had one made with electrical conduit. Had four sides, each bent at all four corners and joined once with a weld at the bottom. Bolted four sides and had w 2 plywood pieces that sat on top and had a nifty fabric cover. It was very light and very sturdy. Had a huge double bass kit on it. It would be very inexpensive to make one that way if you have someone you know that can bend conduit.
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        I made a riser once using 3/4 plywood. Actually made a couple of cases big enough to hold my entire kit (acoustic). If I remember correctly each one was 24" deep x 40"x40" when closed. When I opened them I had four platforms 10 inches tall by the same 40x40 surface which made an 80x80 inch platform when all slid together. Inside they were divided into compartments and foam lined to carry my kit.


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          Check out ProRiser at www.proriser.com. I'm considering purchasing one. Looks like a great product.
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            I have one from Rolling Riser: http://www.rollingriser.com/
            The ProRiser james78 linked to looks like it sets up quicker, but the Rolling Riser has wheels!


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              Resurrection thread!!!!
              Anyone bought or used one of the proriser.com drum risers?

              K ;-)
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