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Roland mesh pads and cymbals for sale. Could save someone some money.

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  • Roland mesh pads and cymbals for sale. Could save someone some money.

    Hartford Connecticut Music Shop Used TD-10 Kit:

    The value of this kit is being debated on another drum forum. Thought the kit might be of interest to someone on our forum. One way to look at it is as a used, very out-of-date kit, especially given the lack of VH-11, VH-12, and VH-13 hi-hat support. However, another way to look at it is just for the drum and cymbal pads, and rack - forget the module.

    Prices in USD.

    Three 12 inch drum pads ($500 ea.): $1500
    Two 10 inch drum pads ($450 ea.): $900
    One CY-15R ride cymbal pad: $550
    Two CY-14 crash cymbal pads ($400 ea): $800
    One KD-120 bass drum pad: $650
    One drum rack (equivalent to MDS-12V): $500

    Total cost new: $4,900

    For someone planning to buy a TD-30 level kit, grabbing this used TD-10 kit could save a reasonable amount of money. Buy the TD-10 kit. Add a TD-30 module. Add a VH-13. Done.

    Used TD-10 kit: $1600
    TD-30 module: $2300
    VH-13 hi-hat: $750

    Total cost for equivalent to TD-30KV kit: $4,650 USD.
    New cost for TD-30KV kit: $8,000 USD.

    So, you'd get the kit for almost half price. Talk the shop down a bit on their price for the used kit and sell the TD-10 module for a few hundred, and you save even more.

    Side note: The price of Roland's TD-30KV kit varies widely, depending on purchase location. I've seen the kit for as low as $5,500 USD and as high as over $10,000 USD. Based on what is available to them, the buyer will need to factor this in.
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    Wow I'm about as lucky I guess, I got myself a second hand TD-30K with a VH-12 for 3000$, added a second CY-13R new and 2 additional PDX-100 new for 600$. And without forgetting the coconuts triggers!

    And as I managed in no time to sell for 2000$ of unused older gears including the old TD6KV kit...

    Sorry it's not good to boast about money, but it's so good!