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Alesis mesh pads 10' and 12' on TD-30 module?

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  • Alesis mesh pads 10' and 12' on TD-30 module?

    Sorry if this has been answered before, do these Alesis mesh pads work on the TD-30? I'mm looking for a picolo snare, is there a specificity to these mesh pads that would prevent de TD-30 to read their dual triggering? I see a store that writes "Compatible to all Roland sound modules, (except TD-30)." I find this statement very bizarre, is this true? Anyone knows about this?

    How does these pads compare to the Roland 8' and 10'?

    Advice would be appreciated! Thx!

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    Ok so I can answer that, the page product specifies "Suggested to use wit all Roland modules" whereas the listing insist on "(except TD-30)"

    Remain to be discovered how they trigger, I'll report when I'll have it installed