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What's the best stand for a drumkat?

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  • What's the best stand for a drumkat?

    Hi everybody, I just got a used dk-10 today(bought it on ebay), and was wondering if anyone knew about the best way to set it up. I plan to use it for small rehearsals by itself, and to trigger perc sounds w/my pros. Alternate Mode has a stand, anybody have it? Is it heavy duty?


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    A while back I had a Simmons unit, which was similar in size and layout. It had 9 pad gum-rubber playing surfaces. I used it in conjunction with my TD-7 to trigger a sampler and I set it to the left of the hi-hat using snare stand. The snare held the module very well so I could play hard without any doubts. Plus a snare stand is easy to carry around.



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      Does the Kat have a connector for a clamp which can be mounted to a cymbal or tom stand. I would prefer to mount it on an existing stand rather than carry along another stand. Heavy hardware ....


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        It does have a bracket, same size as the td-10 mounting bracket. I tried my snare stand, but it's too small. Alternate Mode has a stand that is "made for the drumkat itself." The picture on their site is so small, all I can make out is that it looks like a cymbal stand. I was thinking about getting that, but was wanting to find out if anybody know if it was any good.



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          Yes, the stand they have on the site is heavy duty. But you will need to speacial mounting plate. Do you have that? With that you can mount it on the stand. You can also use other mounts on the market too, but you will need the special mounting plate.
          Matt "The Gladiator DP" Saunders