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A to E Conversion suggestions - Triggera?

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  • A to E Conversion suggestions - Triggera?

    Hey Guys -

    Looking at moving from my Roland mesh pads to an A to E conversion, mostly just for the look. Trying to decide what way to go for triggers. I'll be using a Pearl kit. I've been looking at the Trigerra products. Seem simple, just wondering how the sensitivity compares to say a Roland - PD 100, or a PD- 85. That's what I use now with a TD-20 triggering Superior. Also wondering about reliability. I play out a lot and need something that can handle that. Also, what's a good mesh head to go with? I was looking at the Drum-tec heads, I play pretty hard do I need something that will hold up. The Roland mesh heads I've had no issues with. Any suggestions you can offer would be great as I'm new to this side of the e-drumming world.

    Thanks! Chris

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    I would buy just one and test it out. No position sensing with triggers mounted off center.


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      I have 2 of their Krigg kick triggers which are excellent and their customer service is excellent . Check out stealthdrums.com for some great drum and cymbal triggers. They are excellent for any a to e conversion for 2 box (mine) or roland as well as any others!