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Rudiments app for IOs

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  • Rudiments app for IOs

    I want to practice some rudiments again to strengthen my weak left hand and am looking for a rudiments app for my iPhone 4S. I would like like an app with looping rudiments, variable metronome speeds and indication of which hand to play. Any suggestions?

    I looked at:
    - Rudiment Pro (requiers IOs8 (which my phone does not support)
    - Rudidrum (The most expensive but seems to suit my needs)
    - RTFactory Rudiments (shows hand position?)
    - 40 Essential Snare Drum Rudiments Drum 4.0 (Does it loop?)
    - AD Rudiments (Loop?)

    Roland TD9-KX

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    There's a LITE (free) version of RudiDrum on the App Store - just downloaded it - limited rudiments in the LITE version but it looks quite good.


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      Yes I have the LITE version of Rubidrum and I think I will go for the full version. I like the way it shows the rudiment played by both hands and it seems to have enough options to suit it to your practicing needs. You can get all the rudiments free on the Vic Firth app but I think it needs an internet connection every time you want to look at a new rudiment and it goes a bit too fast for me. Also John Wooten is sooo fast, it makes you think youŽd better stick to....something else.
      Roland TD9-KX