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My time is better on acoustic drums than electronics (?)

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  • My time is better on acoustic drums than electronics (?)

    I've got a TD-4 kit that I practice on but I usually play on an acoustic set. Something that I've noticed is that on my acoustics, I sound pretty solid...but a lot of the time, when I play my Rolands, my time is noticeably off. I can hear it both as I play and really bad when I record myself. Not sure now....maybe my time just sucks and the acoustic drums are more 'forgiving'....or could there be a pad setting that I need to play with so they track more like my acoustics? if that even makes sense....any advice welcome! -Mike

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    It could be that there is a lot more rebound on the Roland than you have on your acoustic kit.
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      The TD 4's feel completely different than acoustics. I have the same issue using rubber pads. You can't compare those to an acoustic kit, if you are looking for an option to replace acoustics, you really need pads with mesh heads.
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        The bass drum settings can make a huge difference in your time playing. Kick drum settings can trigger quicker than you expect and give false doubles too.
        There is always going to be some lag time before you hear the sounds on electronics too just the nature of the beast.
        Also rubber pads will do Your wrists in.
        I have a td-30 and I can play it without the module turned on and everything sounds fine and tight and then I turn on the module and not as tight, bit more sloppy but I am still changing settings to suit my playing and it does help.
        Keep trying.
        Good Luck
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