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Newbie question

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  • Newbie question

    Hello all,
    first of all, I loved this forum and hey, thanks to everyone who keeps this forum fun and valuable.

    I've played drums for about year and getting very sick of drumming with books and remo practice pads. have some saving and kinda know what to buy, anyone has a good idea how much a USED TD-10 and TDW-1 cost? $1000 a good price?

    And I am very confused when the V-cymbals come out. Anyone tried it? does it worth to buy or should wait until its getting more popular or something?

    - gabe

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    The price is reasonable as long it is only the module. With the TDW-1 built in it will be a bit more exepensive

    For a full set-up (with pads and rack) $2,000 is a more realistic prize


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      Gabeki> you could also try ddrum redshot triggers on your practice pads and use it with a ddrum4 brain. That wouldn't be to expensive
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