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Playing along with vinyl

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  • Playing along with vinyl

    Having just unpacked and set up my new Audio-Technica LP-120-USB turntable, I am recommending it to anyone wanting to play along with vinyl. Actually, with this turntable, you can play it analog out to powered monitors, using a mixer for volume, (via the two RCA OUTS that come supplied) or plug it into a computer via USB, and then you can play along with your e-drums (although this becomes, I believe, digital sound). Anyway, the RCA OUTS provide a great sound from a couple of monitors for all your old albums. You could pay more for a turntable of course, but if you pay less it will be a much more plasticky table. This, for me, is in the sweet spot between quality and price (+ very simple to set up and use). Lots of positive reviews online.
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