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KD-120 registering multiple hits?

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  • KD-120 registering multiple hits?

    Hey all,

    I looked around for some advice on this but couldn't find anything... I run a few external pads out of my Roland Octapad, including a KD-120 kick pad. I tend to play the kick with my heel floating, so I'm typically keeping the beater pressed firmly against the head while playing, as opposed to off the head, as in keeping the ball of my foot loose and the heel grounded.

    What I'm noticing is that I'm often registering these "extra" hits in the process of lifting my foot and bringing it back down again, and I suspect it's happening due to the tension that I'm keeping against the mesh head when my foot is not playing. So to me, it seems that as the tension eases off the head and backs away to prepare for a hit, there's a low velocity hit being registered.

    Is this something anyone has experienced before? If so, what do you suggest I do to stop those extra hits from registering, short of changing my playing technique (which I'm not opposed to, but would like to consider all suggestions)? I'm thinking about putting something between the beater and the mesh head, maybe a mouse pad or something, to give it some extra padding while the beater is pressed firmly against the head.

    Thoughts on this, thanks in advance!
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    Look in the manual to see if there is a "Mask Time" setting you can play with.

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      Threshold could be set too low if the beater resting on the head is triggering.
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