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Eviction, KD-80, & KD-7

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  • Eviction, KD-80, & KD-7

    Hello -

    Pretty new to e.drums here, but I'm prepping to plunk down the 3k+ for a new set of V-Pro's/TD-10. Just a couple questions maybe you guys more familiar with all these toys could help me out with ...

    Which kick pad set up produces less noise/vibrations? I live on the 3rd floor of an old apartment with creaky hard wood floors and therefore have some concern with how much noise is actually made. Stalking some of the old posts here it seems the KD-7 might present a problem - or do you guys think with the right padding/foam/carpeting it can be made workable? (AKA not get me evicted)

    Hrmm other useless semi-info that might help - I play heal up(Dave Weckl-ish,) rock/metal music & have a dw-5000 double pedal from my long lost acoustic kit stuffed in my parents basement ...

    The Guitar Center near me has both pads set up, but they are on top of this 8" high metal boiler plate riser - looks spiffy, but KD-7 sounds like someone is molesting a trash can! Testing them out for myself wasn't effective there.

    So that leads to question #2, any of you Chicago area people have suggestions on stores to deal with for my final purchase? All things being equal I prefer a live person vs online.

    Thanks in advace for any input!

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    If you think noise will be a issue with your neighbours then avoid the KD-7. Imagine someone banging a hammer to your roof! That's exactly what the KD-7 does.
    There are a few post in here talking about this problem and suggesting some solutions. But I think it's cheaper to get a KD-80 than to mount the hole kit on top of a mattress and a wooden plank.


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      You might want to try Music Centre in Kenosha, WI. I live in Gurnee, and it is only about 20 minutes from here. It is just off Highway 50 and Rt. 31, I believe. I purchased my v-custom set there, and they had a better price than most places at the time -$2190 I think. Plus, tax is cheaper than Chicago. Their URL is http://www.musiccenterinc.com


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        You can`t use the double pedal to it`s full potential on the Kd-7 anyway.



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          I've used 2 linked KD7's from 7/95' to 3/00'. I now use 1-KD80 with a DW Delta 5002AH Double Pedal hooked up to it. The KD80 makes about 1/4 the noise and 1/10th the vibrations that a KD7 does. The Mesh KD80 provides much more rebound, is more like an acoustic drumhead, and is immensely superior, IMHO. Save your $$ until you can afford a KD80 or KD120.

          Thank Ye,
          Thanx. Alex & me V's! http://photos.yahoo.com/flexapr