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I need help dialing in my VH13 hats

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  • I need help dialing in my VH13 hats

    I have yet to get a good hi hat sound out of my vh13s, and I am sure that I can get there with some help. So please...HELP! What I am experiencing is what sounds like a double strike when when playing a single note on the top of the hats...almost a flam. I am curious if there is a fix for this and also curious how some of you that are pleased with your vh13s have your settings. I also can't seem to get a natural sounding foot splash when I am keeping time with the hats. I have been getting by and living with this at gigs, but it is time to get these things sounding like they should. I simply want hats that feel and sound natural. Thanks in advance for any knowledge you are able to share.

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    read the manual, you need to set up the Off-set in the Hi-hat section.


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      Thanks tivi. I am past the "read the manual" part of this quest for great sounding hats. I don't pretend to fully understand everything I read, but I have dug into it. I need help and I am thinking I should be able to find some cool drummers here willing to share what they know. Ya know...a little back and forth to help an old acoustic gone electric drummer out.

      So, if anyone might have the patience to assist me with my HH issues that would be great. Maybe you have your hats dialed in and they sound killer...maybe you would want to share those settings and any tips you may have. Maybe you have experienced the the double strike sound when hitting a single note on the top of the hats that I am experiencing and you have been able to remedy that problem and want to share that info. While I have had my TD 30 kit for over a year and have played many gigs with it, the hats are what I have never been able to get to sound and feel natural when playing. That's all...I just want them to rock as they should.

      Oh yeah, my rims and hats have been triggering intermittently when playing live. I know this is a stage volume issue with the band as certain vocal and key tones are setting them off here and there. Telling them to turn down may seem like an easy fix...but every gig/stage is different and it would only be a temporary fix. The hats are not as much as an issue as the rim triggers I have set up...nothing like a random whistle or cowbell going off during a slow tune, lol. I think I have this figured out...This weekend's gigs will tell. I welcome any info that other drummers that are playing gigs on the regular may want to share on this as well.

      ​Thanks again!