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VST or module sounds with TD-11

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  • VST or module sounds with TD-11

    Anyone else notice that you get a better sound if your system is set to play the VST sound plus the module sound? I am using AD2 and have started playing with the module sounds on instead of just the AD2 trigger sounds. (The Direct Monitor switch on the front of my Focusrite 2i2 allows me to switch between these two modes). Is this the way it is supposed to be? It is kind of odd, though. In shaping sounds on the VST, I am also now taking into consideration the underlying module sound too.
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    Hey Gradier –

    Most people are going to think this is weird (or wrong) but I agree – running VST (AD2) and native kit simultaneously is exactly what I’ve been doing for some time. However, my reason is a bit different. No matter what I do I “feel” the latency of VST. I probably don’t really hear it but I can since it and to me that’s annoying. When running both concurrently it’s like I get the best of both worlds – good sound and instance response.

    Just my 2-cents….
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      Wow, that's an interesting idea! Never thought of that, I'm going to try this too...
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        Was thinking just the same, Roland sounds for the attack & snap, less latency. VST for the natural decay, tone & warmth. Could sound massive if mixed right. Personally I get bothered enough running 2 VSTs at the same time, and much worse than that (I am a James May type) so this idea doesn't suit me at all lol. But maybe it's just a case of getting the pitch matched, if it works for you, do it!

        On the other hand, AD2 is not exactly SD2 or BFD3 if you know what I mean. It could use a fidelity boost from Roland.
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