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PD80R Snare and PD7/9 Toms?

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  • PD80R Snare and PD7/9 Toms?

    I bought the Studio Kit several months ago and I'm considering replacing the snare PD9 rubber pad with a PD80R mesh pad to improve playability. I was planning to keep my toms as PD7/9 rubber pads. I'm wondering if the playability of the two surfaces together would feel unnatural as a set. Has anyone tried this combo? If anyone has played a rubber pad set then switched to mesh pads, I'd be interested to hear your opinion of the two. Thanks.

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    With a small PD80R perhaps the differences with rubber aren't that huge. I played them and to me they look more stiff than the larger 10 and 12 mesh headed pads. Many people think they are bouncy (what you can like or not)


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      I originally purchased a TD-10 module and used the pads from a TD-7 kit set-up. I liked the compactness of the kit in terms of set-up/tear-down and the closeness of the pads to one another. However, I did not like the rubber pads for snare and toms (very hard surface, lots of bounce and sore wrists in time...) Since then I've converted the snare to a PD-120 and toms to PD-100's...I still use PD-7's and PD-9's for cymbals.

      I would highly recommend converting your snare to the PD-80R, then look at going to mesh toms down the road!



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        I do believe that Pintech offers 10" mesh-headed pads which are less expensive than Roland's. Also there has been some success with DIY mesh-headed pads with some users.

        Anything to upgrade from hitting those rubber pads.



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          I have mixed the rubber pads with a single PD80R mesh pad and it works well. I think you will find it an improvement. Currently, I am using the typical V-Custom config.(three PD80/one PD80R) with a KAT 9" rubber pad as my last tom, and two of the SBD-20's pads for my first two toms. I actually enjoy the transition from one surface to another.


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            Thanks for all your suggestions. I decided to opt for a larger snare, the Pintech ConcertCast CC102-ST 10" mesh pad. I played a PD80R and it seemed a little small for a snare. I did like the PD-80s as toms though. I also decided to re-do the whole set. Heck, I already had the credit card out at that point <grin> and bought three CC101-ST pads for toms, a snare stand and a Gibraltar GRS350GC rack. My Roland Studio Set rack is a bit small and I was concerned about space for the larger pads. The Gibraltar rack is awesome. I highly recommend it. The Pintechs will be delivered next week. All this cost me less than buying four Roland PD80/R pads. I hope the Pintechs measure up.