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tuning(?) mesh drum head

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  • tuning(?) mesh drum head

    I recently loosened and retightened the mesh head on my pd120 snare to get a better (I thought) bounce. I bought the drums(an upgraded td12 kit) used a year or so ago and this is the first time I did this. Anyway, I've since lost all snare sound with the exception of the dead middle of head. There is still a rim sound but no sound from rim to the center of drum head. Can anybody tell me what may have gone wrong? I hope it is just a recalibration via module for snare setting and not something serious. Another thing is the hi-hat. I can't seem to get a ssshuup sound when striking and instantaneously opening and closing the hi-hat. Is this just par for the course with electronic drum hi-hats ? Thanking everybody in advance.

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    You could take off the mesh and make sure the foam cone isn't on its side or misplaced. Many prefer a tighter mesh as it has the best triggering, but also the most bounce.

    The HH pedal of an e-kit takes some getting use to it. Mostly, you will have to retrain your foot to open a little ahead of a hit, doing them like an acoustic pedal will not trigger well. If you open the HH just a little prior to a hit, you get get it to sound better.
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      If the HH is a VH-11, I found out I can adjust the treaded collar on top of the cymbal to "release" with the pedal compressed less.
      It's right under the clutch screw and marked with the words "open" and "close".


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        Foam cones wear. Most likely you need to replace it. A subject that has been discussed many times. Take off the head and look at the foam cone. If you want to post a picture here that might also be helpful. Additionally as suggested by Perceval it is best to keep a very tight head as that will give the best triggering with reduced hotspot syndrome.
        I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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          +1 with Jman's suggestions. Great advice.
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            Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the feedback. I just caught on to the vh12 hi-hat, It definitely works much better to strike with a little opened first. But I still can't get any luck with the perimeter of the pd125. I tried increasing the sensitivity but though it did help a little it still is more or less dead except in the middle of head. I guess I'll have to get a new foam sensor. I just want to say while I was tightening the head I put a bit of pressure to the center of it as regular drum heads. Maybe that is the cause of the problem? I'll take a look tomorrow.