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TD0 File Converter

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  • TD0 File Converter

    I'm trying to learn more about electronic drums. I have a DTX532 Yamaha kit, and I'm trying to customize it. The kit we use corporately is a TD30, and it uses a .TD0 file for the kit sounds. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way of converting the TD0 file into something that I'll be able to load onto my 502 module. Does anyone have any ideas for me, or can you point me somewhere that I can get better sounds for the 502 module? Sorry if this is the wrong thread, it's a tech question, but maybe a different kind of technical.

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    Can't be done the ,the TDO file contains only adjustment parameters , not the actual sounds.sounds are built into the module.
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      TDO file format simply holds midi data structure for manipulating on-board sounds of a Roland module. The structure is proprietary to each module.

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        Thanks for the clarification guys. I understand now. So, with the dtx502, are there hopes of getting different kit sounds loaded on there that sound a little better? Or am I stuck with those kits unless I run everything through my computer?