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USB Memory Busy

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  • USB Memory Busy

    Just a little detail with this message I've been getting lately from my USB stick where I put all my practice songs. I attempt to play the song and this message pops up... USB Memory Busy.
    I get my songs from two different sources. Directly ripped off a CD or use an online service to rip Youtube to MP3. I've been successful, until late, with the youtube conversion.

    First a Google search didn't provide much on what the error was. Then Duh, read the manual... and there it is. But I didn't understand the...

    Meaning: Data could not be read fast enough from the USB flash drive.
    Action: If this error message appears when playing back high bit-rate MP3 Data, or when you've raised the Playback speed of the MP3 data, you may be able to solve the problem by lowering the bit rate or setting the speed to normal.
    Use a USB flash drive sold by Roland

    I didn't understand what the 'Action' was saying. So picking a few key words out of there, I notice Bit Rate. I open a window to look at the files. I add a column 'Bit Rate' and there it is 0 Kbps. That was associated with every song that gave me the error. These are the songs I recently converted using my go to website. Well apparently, while generating a file, it was not a good file, at least for playing the Roland. I'm still very unclear about the whole bit rate thing, but I do know that a zero can't be good. So I tried an new website, converted the same youtube video and low and behold, gave me I am now getting a good file @ 128 Kbps