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Upgrade TD9 V2 Module to TD11, or just get expansion packs

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  • Upgrade TD9 V2 Module to TD11, or just get expansion packs

    Is it worth it to upgrade my TD9 V2 module to the TD11 on my DIY kit, or should I just get some new expansion packs? I think I have the Naturals pack right now. Got it like 2 years ago, so I'm assuming that's the one.

    Just looking for more natural sounds. I have an interface and AD (version 1), but I can't seem to get the TD9 triggering correctly. Maybe upgrading to AD2 will do the trick, since the first version didn't have the TD9 module mapped.

    I was also thinking if I got a used TD11 kit, I could use the module on my DIY, and give my son the pads, etc... with my TD9 module for him to use in his apt.


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    My feeling is that the TD15 is a closer replacement for the TD9 and the TD11 would be going backwards.
    Have you tried Vexpressions? Lots of choices in packs there and they all sound great.
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      What's not triggering correctly on the TD9? It's either suspect pads or the module settings. Switching the module for any other won't necessarily address better triggering.

      More natural sounds? That's an easy one to answer. Try SD2 or BFD3 demos to see if they run well enough on your computer. If not, upgrading to AD2 would be the next best idea.

      Module wise, you'll have to jump to buying a TD20, TD30 or 2box to get a substantial improvement on sound.
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        I do have one Expressions pack my brother bought, but not sure which one. It's a while ago, so maybe the even newer one's like the Acustix will fit the bill.

        I can't get the MIDI mapping correct in BFD2 and AD because they don't have the TD9 as a module and using the TD6 and adjusting had mixed results. And I don't really have the time to play with the settings constantly. Maybe the newer versions of the software will work.

        TD15 is pretty darn expensive so I think I'll probably just try to update VST software instead since it's a much cheaper upgrade route.

        Thanks for the info on the TD11, didn't know how it compared.


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          I'm with Kabonfaiba on this one. Upgrade your software or move to a substantially better module (2Box or TD-30). Add-on packs won't substantially change the character of your TD-9.