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TD30 Positional Sensing on Diamond Drums?

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  • TD30 Positional Sensing on Diamond Drums?


    Could someone who owns a TD30 and a Diamond Drums snare/toms comment on how well the positional sensing works compared to the roland pads for example?

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    I don't have a TD30 but I do have 12" Diamond snare with 2-ply drum-tec pro on it, flat cylinder cone type.

    I can give you raw data logs from positional sensing, which is actually more useful tbh, because it shows the performance of the drum, not the module, or the VST, etc.

    But the logs would be illegible to most people (heck, I can't understand raw MIDI data either - I don't want to!) so all I can stay is... at the most consistent hitting I can muster; I can make the PS shuttle move smoothly from center to edge without any "position jumping" if that's what your looking for.

    I have it calibrated so that Pos High peaks about 1" from the edge and Pos Low peaks 2" from the piezo. So this gives me about 3" of variable playing area. Just right for me, as I hit 2" away from the piezo naturally. Moving my elbow forward starts giving me "the edge".
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      Centre-mount-piezo + mesh head + correct polarity + no other damping = Roland position sensing capable. How it performs is then how you dial it in with the module trigger parameters. I've not tried a Diamond/TD30 in person but it can't be any worse than the factory-setting PD128S/TD30 default performance, which is godawful! ;-)