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  • Sound modules

    I'm looking to add another sound module to my V-Drum kit. I already have the Alesis DM5 along with the TD10. I've been thinking about dumping off the DM5 for maybe the Korg 05R/W. I know the 05R/W is a bit older, but I remember it having some incredible drum sounds.

    Just wondering what other sound modules others are using with their V-Drums and why that particular module.

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    Samplers are a great addition to standard drum modules 'cause you can sample and store every sound, effect or loop you like. But ofcourse this depends from your needs. If you want pure keyboard/synth sounds then the Korg can be an option.

    Apart from the fact that a Korg, Yamaha, Roland synth module also can have decent drum sounds, I think a sampler always is more flexible 'cause you can load your own sample (standards) into it. The Akai samplers are a good choise.


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      I agree with puttenvr, sampler's the way to go.



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        I second that notion. Since getting my E-mu, I have come full circle in my needs to have a full & professional system.

        In the process of sampling my entire SDS-7 sound library (just in case).

        Although!? Now that I found a manual for my SDS-EPB e-prom blower, I can finally burn samples of choice (Ií am pissing my pants thinking about this) onto a Simmons chip and run the signal through the SDS-7ís brain. Tweak the f**k out of the sound and dump a new sound in to the E-mu. Dreams do come true!

        Note to self - THIS MIGHT GO ON FOR EVER!

        Originally posted by BINARY:
        I agree with puttenvr, sampler's the way to go.