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Roland/2box hybrid kit hi-hat problem

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  • Roland/2box hybrid kit hi-hat problem

    Hi Chaps,
    I have a kit that is a mix of Roland and 2box pieces and over time I have just about managed to dial in the pads kick (kt10) and crash Roland pieces into the 2box module. I have struggled but eventually managed to achieve a fair response with the 2box ride but I am running out of patience with the 2box hi-hat.
    I have tried to resolve the problems by altering triggering and adding cushioning to the stand and I have trawled the internet looking for solutions.
    At the moment I can dial it in so that it behaves ok if I treat it gently but before long I start getting wild triggering and open hat sounds when the hat is closed and and can rarely achieve a consistent chuck.
    Short of Manfreds hi-hat controller is any one aware of a reliable fix?

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    If you are using the stock pad I suggest using a different 2z pad and getting the control box from Jman. Most get much better results with is combo than the stock hat. Oh and using a good stand with an adjustable spring helps a lot.
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      One thing that is critical with the original 2Box Hi Hat is a good quality Hi Hat stand with strong spring and smooth response. Not a lot to be done as far as I know beyond that and what you have already tried for the original 2Box HH.

      Those of us that began experimenting with using other brand cymbals for the Hi Hat on the 2Box modules (like me and Manfred) obviously did that so we could use our own or our existing HH cymbal with the 2Box module. But what I have discovered is that by using the control box in a stationary situation under the pedal actually improves the performance significantly. At first I started building my own 2Box HH control box version mainly for people that use my Stealth cymbal conversions. But I also ended up getting quite a few people that owned the original 2Box Hi Hat switching over to other brand electronic cymbals for Hi Hat along with my controller solution. The response from people that switch over has been extremely positive.
      Got this message a couple days ago:
      "love the mod what a big big difference i cant believe it wowwwwwwwww"

      There are a couple reasons IMO why there is improvement with the under pedal control box solution:
      1. The control board is stationary and is not being vibrated when the HH cymbal is being played. That constant vibration causes failure/breakage with the original design.
      2. Related to No.1: The controller is not moving or swinging even slightly like it can if installed in the Hi Hat cymbal. That movement can cause errant transition detection or errant triggering even in the closed HH position.
      3. With the correct magnet the open/closed distance can actually be widened giving a nice range of motion for transitions, smoother transition detection.

      I was the first one to use anything other than the original 2Box Hi Hat with the 2Box module. I built my first control box by robbing the PCB out of a 2Box Hi Hat ... and that is something you can do. I have a thread on that from years ago. Rob and Daniel also did DIYs by borrowing the 2Box PCB.

      When Manfred stopped building the boards I started building my Stealth 2Box HH stand conversion kit. I have those now available as shown in my Classified ad. Just send me a PM if interested. J
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      I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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        Just a heads up to say thanks for the advice. I have replaced the hi- hat stand and so far things have improved to a level where the triggering seems stable. I also lowered some if the trigger sensitivity on the hi- hat and I think that helped.
        If things go wrong I might well investigate one of Jerry's magnet contraptions.


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          Whenever I get wild triggering anywhere on my kit, the first thing I do is replace the cable with another one I know works very well. 90% of the time! that was the culprit. Next is checking the solder joints on piezos, and move on from there.

          Once, I found that my midi2usb from M-Audio was defective. Especially on the HH CC messages.

          Of course, if you had unreliable triggering from the start, it may be related to some hardware/software configuration, but I always try to look at the easiest first, then move to the more complex problem solving.
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            As a roland "fanboy" for over 10+ years who just started playing a 2box module live I can not STRESS this enough. GET JMAN's MOD!!! My 2box hihat is out for repairs and when it comes back I may just sell it. But if I do keep it it I will keep it for backup. I will be using Jman's hihat mod and my vh12 on live gigs
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              Just as an update, I replaced the hi- hat stand and now it has been triggering fine with no problems for months.