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Snare strainer....

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  • Snare strainer....

    Just bought a new TD30, and it seems I can't turn off the snares, really? On the flagship model, can I really not do this? The options are there and the manual intimates that I can, but I can't.

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    Re your quandary, this is one of the utterly silly things Roland did when moving toward a more "pure sample based" approach for the new sounds in the TD-30. Many of the new snare instruments only have "wires on" samples. There are no "wires off" samples. To get a wires off sound, you'll have to change the instrument to one that has both sets of samples or that uses modeling for the snare wires. Bottom line is... if you've got a snare sound you love and it doesn't allow turning the wires off, you're stuck. I don't know of any way to change an instrument for a given pad while playing.

    One solution, albeit a bit heavy handed, is to create a kit with the snare you love that doesn't have wires off. Duplicate the kit in the next slot up or down. In the duplicate kit, change the snare instrument to one without wires. Toggle back and forth between the two kits to get your beloved snare and the snare sound without wires.

    Does anyone know a better solution?


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      Thanks for the reply, here was me thinking I was going mad! Bonkers! This is the only thing I've found I don't like the rest is simply brilliant.


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        Is there a chart anywhere that tells me which snares have the snare off sound? I don't see it in my manual.


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          I don't know of any chart. You simply have to scroll through the instruments, pick each one, and see what is provided in the editing parameters. In general though, for snare drums, the new bank A sounds don't provide wires off, which is a huge shame because these are the best sounding snare drums in the TD-30. And yes, it's an absolute PITA.


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            Hi again Tang....

            I've done some scrolling through and found a couple of Bank A snares that do, forgotten which off the top of my head but they were both "Wooden" snares. I've managed to achieve what I wanted to, but it is indeed a complete PITA. I'm not sure why this info isn't provided instead of having to go and hunt it down...ho hum


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              Just another area where the 30 falls short and was a disappointment. Shall we call the 30 a 20XX instead? lol
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                A related question on this topic - why is it that even when you do have a snare with both wires on & off samples, the side-stick still produces snare buzz when the strainer-off function is engaged? This also happens on some tom samples too.


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                  They don't even have this on the TD30? What about the 50? And here's me complaining about my TD25. Never again Roland.