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USB Turntable

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  • USB Turntable

    Anyone have any suggestions for what USB turntable to get for digitizing vinyl LP's. I need to be able to add them to my Itunes collection for playing along. Also, all my Itunes songs are in WAV format. Can vinyl be converted to WAV, or is it only MP3, with its lower quality sound?
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    You can also take a regular turntable analog output into any DAW then put into any digital format you want. It's less expensive that way. I did this with my collection of old 45s from the 50s, 60s.
    I put them on about 15 CDs.
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      And no, you are not limited to mp3. You can save them in compressed format like mp3, AAC, ... or lossless like flac, ogg, ...
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