I've had my V-Drums for about 6 months now and would like to venture into the sequencer world a bit! More specifically, I would like to record some tracks and be able to have the band "play" to them (or with them) live...

My question is this: How do I do this if the sequencer will only play back through the Master/Phones Output? (According to the TD-10 manual..."the sound cannot be output from the direct 1,2,3 outputs")

Currently, I'm using the following configuration on stage: Our P A guys use a 4-channel direct box set-up and I split my: kick into Direct 1, Pan Left; Snare into Direct 1, Pan Right; Toms into Direct 2, Pan Left; and finally, cymbals into Direct 2, Pan Right.

Given this configuration, it doesn't appear that I will be able to use the sequencer live. Any suggestions?