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NFUZD Electronic Drum Kit

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  • NFUZD Electronic Drum Kit

    Information is slowly trickling out on the NFUZD Electronic Drum Kit. Here's a few links with pictures and descriptions.

    NAMM 2015: KHS unveils NFUZD Audio e-drums

    NAMM 2015 NFUZD Audio Rupp's Drums

    And, here's more information I've cobbled together from various sources.

    NFUZD Audio
    Web Site: www.nfuzdaudio.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nfuzdaudio

    NAMM 2015
    NFUZD Audio / INFUZD Audio
    NSPIRE Series Electronic Drums
    Partnership with Mapex (providing the shells) and FXpansion (creator of BFD, providing the samples)

    NFUZD Audio Company Blurb
    Open architecture, real sizes, uncompressed sounds, and easy installation eliminate the gap between acoustic and electronic drums. In cooperation with its corporate parent, KHS Musical Instrument Company, KHS America will be unveiling NFUZD Audio, a new brand of electronic musical instruments and performance tools designed to respond to the creative potential of its users, at Winter NAMM this coming January, 2015. The first group of products to launch under the NFUZD brand are included in the NSPIRE Series and are technically within the category of electronic drums but will utilize an approach that enables drummers to easily adapt the system to best fit their unique needs without the limits imposed by traditional e-drum systems. The NFUZD Audio brand has been in development for four years by a team that includes an all-star roster of industrial designers, software developers, and engineers from Taiwan’s IC-based technology industry, as well as notable music industry experts from Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Accomplished drummer and recording artist Russ Miller and sound engineer and e-drum developer John Emrich joined NFUZD in early 2014. KHS and the NFUZD Audio team also established a development partnership with FXpansion, creators of BFD, the market-leading VST (Virtual Studio Technology) drum sampling software. Together, the teams have developed onboard and external sample libraries with full bandwidth, professional sound quality. The most recent addition to the NFUZD Audio team is artist relations expert Bob Terry. Terry will be playing a lead role in NFUZD Audio artist relations, marketing, and retail training. "As a professional musician and music producer, I’m extremely excited to finally have a system that can live up to the most demanding live performance and studio situations", says Russ Miller. "However, the best part is that we've designed a system with both the power and creative flexibility needed to work for the diverse needs of the market". NFUZD Audio is set to unveil at the January 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim at the KHS America booth (3220). Detailed product specifications and pricing will be isclosed at that time.

    Rupps Drum Shop Prices

    NFUZD NSPIRE Rock Fuel Pack Includes:
    - Price: $1,700 USD
    - 14 inch Snare / Tom Trigger Pad
    - 10, 12, and 16 inch Tom Trigger Pads
    - Kick Trigger Pad
    - I/O Module & Mount
    - 16 inch Ride Trigger Pad
    - 14 inch Crash Trigger Pad
    - Hihat Trigger Pads and Controller
    - BFD ECO NFUZD Edition VST Software
    - NSPIRE USB Thumb Drive & Cable
    - Trigger Pad Connection Cables
    - Cable Management Velcro straps

    NFUZD NSPIRE Components Available:
    - NSPIRE I/O Module
    - 10 inch Tom Trigger Pad
    - 12 inch Tom Trigger Pad
    - 13 inch Snare / Tom Trigger Pad
    - 14 inch Snare / Tom Trigger Pad
    - 16 inch Tom Trigger Pad
    - NSPIRE Kick Trigger Pad
    - 14 inch Hihat Trigger Pad and Controller
    - 14 inch Crash Cymbal / Trigger pad
    - 16 inch Ride Cymbal / Trigger Pad
    - Trigger Pad Cable (Snare / Tom / Kick / Cymbal Trigger Pad Cable)
    - Trigger Pad Cable Extender (Snare / Tom / Kick / Cymbal / Trigger Pad Cable Extender)
    - USB Drive 3 Pack (3 Proprietary USB Memory Keys)
    - Power Cable (I/O Module Power Cable)
    - Hihat Clutch (Proprietary Hihat Clutch)
    - Cymbal Spin Stopper (Spin Stopper Sleeve, Washer, and Memory Lock)

    Music Radar Preview

    Hybrid drumming has been a major buzz word in the last year or so, and now KHS have joined the game with their intriguing NFUZD system. The first products from the NFUZD stable come in the NSPIRE range. These products allow drummers to turn their acoustic kit into a hybrid rig.

    The NSPIRE range is the fruits of four years worth of labour from the boffins at KHS. But how does it work? Well, INFUZD ingenious technology allows their pads to be easily fitted over the top of any drum; there's no need to fiddle around with removing heads and hoops. This also means that you'll be using full-sized e-pads rather than dinky substitutes.

    Pretty cool so far, right? Well that's just the tip of the iceberg. KHS has joined up with software firm FXpansion, resulting in the NFUZD range being shipped with a specially-tailored copy of drum sampling program BFD. This means that users will have thousands of kits at their fingertips right out of the box. In fact, you will have more than 55GB of 24-bit samples to choose from.

    The NFUZD range has been developed along with the expert help of session star Russ Miller and e-drum guru John Emrich, and promises full stereo WAV samples with full frequency response.

    The Kick Trigger Pads is able to be mounted to any sized bass drum and a second pedal can be connected thanks to the system's loop through input.

    The pads themselves are multi-zone. So, taking the snare as an example, you can trigger a fat snare sound, a rimshot and a cross stick. Cymbals, meanwhile, are able to be choked.

    There's also this ace cowbell, which has two trigger zones, making it a super versatile addition to your kit.

    The module features 16-bit / 44.1 KHz on-board samples which produce Advanced Drum Emulation.

    Pads will be able to be purchased in packs (such as the 10, 12, 16 toms, 14 snare, hats, ride, and crashes Rock Pack) or as separate products. We will see plenty more of NFUZD Audio in the coming months on MusicRadar and in Rhythm magazine, so keep reading.
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    Bass Drum Pad bass_drum_pad.jpg

    Pads Installed on Acoustic Drums config_acoustic.jpg

    Pads Installed on NFUZD Standalone Shells (Real sizes: 14 SD, 10 RT, 12 RT, and 16 FT) config_electronic.jpg

    Hybrid Configuration config_hybrid.jpg

    Cowbell Trigger Pad (Dual Zone) cowbell_pad.jpg

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      More Pictures...

      Module Front

      Module Side

      NAMM 2015 Booth

      Pad Connector

      Snare Pad (14 inch)


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        And One More Picture...

        Tom Pad Closeup


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          Just did another search. NFUZD Audio finally has a web site. This didn't exist the last time I searched! What's missing is video and audio samples. To me, based on everything I've seen, this setup (not sure whether to call it an e-kit as it looks more like an A2E conversion) is still a work in progress. Despite what NFUZD's web site says, the thing looks like it's quite a while off from being production ready. There is a very short video demo on the Facebook site, but it's really hard to tell what the sounds are actually like and, indeed, this may or may not be a production unit. If you zoom in on screenshots of the face of the module, you can see the O/S doesn't seem to be completely there yet. Yes, there is some text on the screen, but there's not nearly enough text and objects on the screen for the module to be working in a production state - large portions of the screen are empty.


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            Sorry for all the posts, but I had trouble finding information on NFUZD. Thus, I'm sharing what I've been able to find. Here's a few of the more telling pictures from NFUZD's web site and Facebook page.

            Module Inputs 1 (Click to Zoom)

            Module Inputs 2 (Click to Zoom)

            A2E NFUZD Style, NAMM 2015

            Another Pad Closeup

            Cymbal Pad


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              And, yet another batch of pictures from the NFUZD web site and FB page.

              Hi-Hat Pad

              Bass Drum Standalone Pad

              Bass Drum Pad Mounted on Acoustic Bass Drum

              A2E Setup, NFUZD Style

              Module Closeup


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                Two more from NFUZD's web site.

                Pad Installation
                Multi Pad Setup


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                  They're going to ship the first 100 kits in about 5 weeks according to the NFUSD guys. You might want to look at this thread also where we have talked about NFUSD/NSPIRE already:
                  I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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                    Thanks for the heads up on the other thread. Regarding what NFUZD says about their release date... yes, they do say five weeks. I've been involved with companies at the stage of development where I think NFUZD is at. Truly, I'd be surprised if they ship on time, but possibly they are much further ahead than they seem. One thing I do know for certain... I've been at trade shows demonstrating unfinished products as though they are finished because we had to meet certain management and/or investor milestones. That is not a fun place to be!


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                      Another Video
                      The sound are exported to the USB, then used on the module, which means, you can have tons kits ready, on many USB stick, then you can change the sound on the module.


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                        Another Video
                        Notice Ethernet Input at 2:09


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                          He said "This is the first time you can configure the module to sound the way you want them to sound" What about 2Box? or VEXpression kits?

                          The sound are exported to the USB, then used on the module, which means, you can have tons kits ready, on many USB stick, then you can change the sound on the module.
                          I'm not sure if you can play the kits from the USB flash drive, or it is used to download the new kit to the module.

                          Finally, from that demo, looks like 8 samples is still not good enough, as I there was machine gunning when he started to play.
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                            1st rule of marketing, deny the competition exists.

                            In the video above: "...your not trying to hit a small collection of 8" targets on a- ermmm... s-so the ergonomics of your drumming..."

                            (I'm joking btw)

                            Yep, more samples are more samples at the end of the day. Even the almighty TD30 with all it's sophisticated modeling algorithms and synthesis still isn't able to fully eradicate machine gunning.

                            I think NFUDZ missed the boat when it came to "putting BFD in the module". The main selling point of sample libraries is the recordings! If they are going to cut out over half the number of recordings we can play, whats the point?

                            Tang posted about existing theory to combat machine gunning in the other thread, which is nice and complex, although I'm of the opinion that most synthesis ruins natural sounding drum kits.
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                              NFUDZ Module Price 749$ (from digital Drummer) Less overpriced Module
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