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Disappointed on Triggera's product + Question on soldering :(

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  • Disappointed on Triggera's product + Question on soldering :(

    I've built my own A2E drum kit 4 months ago, I've used Intriggs from Triggera for my triggers including a 22" kick drum, I loved them at first because they were so easy to install and everything worked perfectly fine... until today 3 of my triggers completely died off in the same week... 2 toms and my snare would start to barely make any sounds and eventually died off. I took off all 3 triggers to see what was the problem and the wires have been cut off from the soldering... all 3 of them exact same red wire, and 1 of them had black wire popped off as soon as I accidentally touched it, I didn't pull or anything, just accidentally touched it and it popped out of the soldering. Anyways, now I need to solder these wires back and I have no experience with them...

    My question is, is there any places that does soldering services? I tried to search for it and I only see computer or phone repair stores and says nothing about soldering... also how hard would it be to do it myself? (images attached)

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    Send them back to triggera and they will replace them, great customer service company


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      Soldering is quite easy. You can do it yourself. Check a few how to vids on the interwebs and have at it. Almost unscrew-up-able!


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        Contact Triggera and ask them what to do. At least give them the opportunity to rectify this soldering before messing it up further.
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          It looks like you have the earlier generation InTrigg. They fixed the soldering issue sometime last year.

          I had the same problem and once I contacted my vendor they replaced them straight up.
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            Yes, I wonder why didn't you contact us.
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              Originally posted by triggera View Post
              Yes, I wonder why didn't you contact us.

              It's a symptom I'm seeing more and more often of the sub-generation that have "always had the internet". Buy a product -> problem with product -> ask a load of strangers on a forum about it instead of just contacting the people who made it.