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Dual hi-hat setup with full control and simulating drop clutch

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  • Dual hi-hat setup with full control and simulating drop clutch

    Hello everyone, first post. I've been searching the forums for over an hour to try and get some answers but I haven't been able to find complete information.

    Here's what I have:
    * TD-12 module
    * TD-9 v2 module
    * VH-12 hi-hat
    * VH-11 hi-hat

    TD-12 is main module with VH-12 hi-hat and controller and receiving MIDI from TD-9 (secondary module) with VH-11 hi-hat and controller.

    Here's what I want:

    I'm trying to create a symmetric kit with two hi-hats, with full, independent control on each side. Also, I need the ability to simulate a drop clutch with a "slosh" sound for when doing double bass.

    * How do I set up two hi-hats to be independently controlled with their respective foot controllers?
    * What are my options for switching between hi-hat sounds to simulate drop clutch?
    * Can I set a "slosh" hi-hat sound to a pad? Or any of the sounds achieved from the variable control for that matter, without actually using the pedal?


    Random related questions:

    * Can I send a MIDI Program Change transmission from TD-9 to TD-12 by hitting an assigned pad? e.g. When I hit the rim of one of my toms connected to TD-9, can I send a Program Change to the TD-12 to switch to a specified kit number?
    * Similar to above, can I hit a trigger on TD-9 that will remap a sound for one of the pads on TD-12?
    * In relation to the above two points, can I assign a trigger to a pad for a Kit change to a specified kit number using a single module? Likewise to remap a pad sound... e.g. TD-12 by itself, map a tom rim to switch to specified kit number or remap sound on a specified pad.

    Thanks much!

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    I found out you can use the Pad Switch functionality on TD-30 to toggle fixed hi-hat or snare strainer.

    Anyone know if this is possible on TD-12 via some other means? Or achieve something similar? Is there custom firmware for Roland modules that maybe adds functionality?


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      Not to my knowledge. You will need a second module for the second controlled HH. Or maybe a sample pad?
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        Yeh, it seems like I'll be able to do 2 hi-hats with two modules. I'll post back once all my equipment arrives and I can experiment with it.

        I was trying to brainstorm alternative ways to achieve drop clutch with dual hi-hats (since it appears anything before TD-30 doesn't have fixed hi-hat switch functionality). One idea I had was creating a Drum Kit Chain which consists of cloned kits except for the hi-hat sounds. Then you can use the pad switch functionality to cycle between the multiple kits. To get the ultimate setup for 2 hi-hats, you would need 4 kits: both open, both closed, first-only closed, second-only closed.

        Unfortunately, it seems you can't send a program change number to jump directly to a specific kit, only increment / decrement through your Kit Chain. Perhaps there's a programmable MIDI controller where you can send specific numbers? But it's not possible with a Roland module itself.

        Also, another limitation is that you can only apply Pad Switch functionality to the AUX inputs (as opposed to any trigger) AND this is a universal module setting, you can't have different settings on a PER Kit basis. If you could assign a switch to any trigger, and can do it on a per kit basis, and you could jump directly to a specified kit number via Program Change, this would be one way to do it:

        PC1) Both open
        PC2) both closed
        PC3) first-only closed
        PC4) second-only closed

        * On PC1, bar trigger mounted on first hi-hat, when struck will send program change to jump to PC3
        * On PC1, bar trigger mounted on second hi-hat, when struck will send program change to jump to PC4
        * On PC3, bar trigger on second hi-hat would jump to PC2
        * On PC4, bar trigger on first hi-hat would jump to PC2
        * On PC2, first hi-hat controller would jump to PC4
        * On PC2, second hi-hat controller would jump to PC3
        * On PC3, first hi-hat controller would jump to PC1
        * On PC4, second hi-hat controller would jump to PC1


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          The simplest thing (although it wouldn't mimic an acoustic kit) would be just to find a MIDI controller that will allow me to send Program Change messages to the Roland Module to select the kits. Anyone know of inexpensive pad based MIDI controllers that I can use to change Program Change messages? I looked at Roland OctoPad but that seems to only send PC number of the kit you select vs triggering the transmission of a specific PC number when triggering a pad.


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            You could add a small box with a switch between the pedal and the module. It would alow you to go bwtween open and close. If hoy add a pot you can get the sounds in between.
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