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Recording on a computer

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  • Recording on a computer

    Went into Guitar Center and was looking into connecting the Td 20 into the computer. The guy offered up Audiobox USB, bought it I dont know if I plug it in correctly. I have Livewire 1/4 inch phone plugs in going into the master out on the Brain and those lead into the Audio box, I am still unclear which one goes where into the box I swap the orange and grey cord both sides and nothing is coming out. I am lost.

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    And the guy at GC didn't offer a clue?
    How about looking at the manual that came with your AudioBox?

    Ok, since a picture is worth more than words, I suggest you have a look at some YouTube videos. Here's one for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytxxISb2jjo

    Basically, you take the outputs from your TD20 (either Mono - one cable, or stereo - 2 cables) and connect to the In of your AudioBox. Now, connect the USB cable to your computer (assuming you already installed the drivers that came on the CD or better yet, the new drivers on Presonus' website.

    Open your DAW, add one or 2 tracks, make sure the inputs are set to the AudioBox and click on the "monitor" ... you will hear your drums. Click on the "record" and you will start recording.

    If you want to use the MIDI out of your TD20 to use it with a VST, that's another set of procedures, well, covered in the VST section of the forum.

    Good luck!
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