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Pintech Nimrods

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  • Pintech Nimrods

    I was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions on mounting options with Pintech Nimrods. Also any place to buy addtion rack hardware, such as addtional arms etc..


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    Well , if you are the lucky 1001 registered member your have just won Puttenvrs entire ddrum set-up congrats...... so forget all your worries and throw those nimrods in the garbage .

    No seriously I don't know ....sorry for the rude first impression.


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      thanks for my first reply !


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        No problem-O !!



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          Hello AJB,
          I have a nimrod that I have mounted on a tom arm clamped next to my PD-7 Hi-Hat pad and extends out towards my Snare. I mainly wanted to simulate using a cow bell or wood block. It seems to work pretty nice there. You can see my kit at http://members.home.net/captkidd/ but beware that for some reason it takes awhile to even connect up, I think it has something to do with @Home because there are a couple other sites that I know on @Home that take forever sometimes to pull up. Anyway, if you click on the first picture of my kit you will see a larger view which is still a little hard to see the NimRod but if you look just above and to the left of the snare pad you will see it mounted on the tom arm. Hope this helps.

          Brian Kidd
          Portland, Or


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            I too use a Nimrod for crossticking and percussion. I purchased one of the Roland tom mounts for mine and it was ever so slightly too large to fit through the hole in the Nimrod. I had to take the Nimrod to work where we have a drill press and enlarge the hole by a 16th or so. So the Pintech hole may not slide through whatever you purchase to mount it on, but it is quite easily fixed. Probably could have done it with a file as well.


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              CaptKidd & Arriguy

              Thanks for the replys.

              Try this web site www.wrangler.dyndns.org/drums I've have a picture that shows the type of mounting brackets that came with the nimrod that I purchased. It's sounds like to me the way you guys have it mounted, is using an "L" bracket. If so, was that a special bracket, or is that how your pintech came ?

              Thanks Again!


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                The Nimrods/Dingbats I have came ready to mount to an L-rod type tom holder. You get no actual hardware with them. Gibralter makes inexpensine L-rod type tom holders.


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                  Yeah I am using the Gibraltar L rod tom mount and as Arriguy pointed out that the hole size in the NimRod is a bit on the odd size. I ended up trying a couple different sized rods and got one that would fit but loosly, I think I am going to take a small/thin piece of sheet metal and wrap the rod to take up the slack.


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                    I bought a pole kat and the attachment that Kat had which was a plastic 90 degree piece with a 1 1/2" metal tube that was connected to a....

                    I can't even picture this the way I'm describing it. See if you can get a look at what I'm talking about by looking at DRUM TECH'S web site. I am totally satisfied with my mount.