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Laptop for SD?

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  • Laptop for SD?

    Hi all
    I'm about to buy SD 2 and hope to get it all up and running fairly easily (ha ha!)
    My question is what do you run yours on? I have a very average Toshiba laptop running w7. Will this do or do I have to go out and buy the latest Macbook?!
    As usual trying to keep costs down!....
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    I use an Acer with Win7, around 5yo. Does the job no issues. Its an i3 processor with 2.4gig ram.
    I also use a Roland duo capture and Um One as well as asioforall driver.
    No issues.

    VERY occasionally a kit in SD will take a while to load, but its rare.
    I also run some big kits in metal machine and other ezx packs.
    No issues.

    Good luck


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      I run SD 2.3 on a 2012 MacBook Air 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5. I load the libraries on an external hard drive. Alternatively, my simple setup is EZDrummer2 with the Pop kits loaded on this computer itself. Use this for live playing. Gives me lots of customization capabilities, quick setup and nothing but my module and laptop, nice and compact, simple to use, great for live.
      ATV aDrums & aD5, Pearl Mimic Pro & DIY, eDRUMin 10, Agean R-series Silent Cymbals, Roland Handsonic HPD-20.