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OK please 'splain [Ambience]

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  • OK please 'splain [Ambience]

    I have my TD-12 set with 4 outs...2 directs and 2 masters. I am recording laying tracks for an album. Direct 1 is Kick, Direct 2 is snare, Master 1 is Toms, Master 2 is Cymbals. Everything outputs separate as it should until I turn on any ambience, or add any snare sound to say the kick or toms. I can back out the snare thing to eliminate the bleedage, but why can't I just add ambience to the snare and/or toms without triggering some sound on the other separated channels? I turn on any ambience and all the channel signals light up like Christmas trees...WHY, even when the signal should be separate?
    Don't even tell me us old farts still don't have something to say and learn! Just give me some ghost notes and I'll Purdie your brains out!:cool:

    Playin' for over 50 years (21 years 5 & 6 nights a week) and still lovin' every minute of it!!! TD-12 noob and growing!:p