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TD 20 - the 4 x AUX inputs - are they stereo?

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  • TD 20 - the 4 x AUX inputs - are they stereo?

    Hey all - I cant see this info in the manual and I have tried to look on the net and found a few posts that state they ARE stereo , however I have a good Y Splitter and have plugged it into AUX1 and then plugged Tom1 and Tom 2 into it yet I only get ONE pad sound coming in - which makes me believe they are MONO inputs only?

    Not sure if I have to set up the AUX input as a Head and Rim or whether the ( in this case ) 2nd tom should just come through automatically ? ( my TD20 screen is dead so makes it a bit tough to do deep changes - I am getting a new screen installed this month as part of a kit restoration - resprayed rack , custom wraps, new heads - all well overdue )

    Some will note I asked already about the Octopad inputs in a seperate thread - what I am trying to ultimately figure out is IF the TD20 module AUX inputs are 'stereo' or piezo/piezo and can run a further 8 pads in single zone - then I will sell the Octopad and just use the TD20 module for all the inputs as I am triggering Superior Drummer anyway. However if the TD20 AUX inputs are NOT stereo then I will use the module for 4 inputs and keep the Octopad and use it for a further 4 via Midi.

    Cheers to anyone that can confirm

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    yes all the aux inputs are dual trigger/stereo and can be split using a special splitter
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      Thanks Jammin - I recall you being super helpful on forums before - appreciate that
      Do I need to set up the head/rim or should the sounds just 'appear' once both ads are plugged into the splitter cable?


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        You'll need to go into the instrument settings for those inputs and dial in the sound for the head and rim...
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          Originally posted by jpsquared482
          You'll need to go into the instrument settings for those inputs and dial in the sound for the head and rim...
          Many thanks


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            I am officially the George Costanza of the Edrum community - nothing just works for me

            So.....to test all this - I plugged Tom1 jack into AUX 1 input.
            I went into Trigger - F2 - rim adjust - and whacked that up
            Hit mesh head = sound
            Hit Rim = Sound and RIM lights on the module when I make this hit

            Great - it works - 2 sounds from AUX1 input......I am set !
            Well - no.......

            I then grab my Y splitter ( one purchsed specifically from a music store for this purpose, not a home made ) and put it into AUX1
            I plug 1 x BTi Bar Pad into each of the Y ends.
            I get ONE sound and NOTHING from the 2nd.
            I switch them around on the Y and the other one works.

            Faulty Y splitter ??( be pretty rare wouldnt it? )


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              You need these splitters:

              Purchase Drumsplitter brand cables and boxes here in our online store. Expand your Roland® E-drum module by using one our professional quality cables or boxes to add more drum pads to your e-drum kit. Now get FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA!
              I think my work is done here.


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                Oh ! - They MUST be Roland specific ?
                I was using this ( attached image )

                4 x those linked ones that you mentioned Tommy D - at around $25 Aussie dollars a piece plus postage I just need to be 1000% sure they are THE answer before I place an order.
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                  Yep, the ones from drumsplitters.com are the ones you need to make it work. They have a built in resistor on one of the inputs to "trick" the module in to thinking it is only hooked up to one pad. For some reason Roland's modules need some sort of input from both triggers in order to work, and that resistor sends just enough signal for the module to understand what to play. You will have the occasional mis-trigger with these splitters. Its the nature of the beast, I suppose. So, I recommend you split similar sounding instruments to one input. For example, I split my splash cymbals together and my china cymbals together. This way if I get a faulty trigger, the sound I want (splash, china, etc) is still played and I don't get a random floor tom sound when I hit a cymbal.

                  Yes, they are pricey and I have tried building my own in an effort to save on costs, but I have had no luck replicating the design. I have wired up my own triggers in DIY projects and they work great, but for some reason I can't get these silly drum splitters to work when I make them myself.

                  Edit: Also, for splitting sounds you have to understand that when you do this, you can not play both pads at the same time. It will make no sound. The module gets confused about what you are trying to play. So when splitting sounds you also have to think about what two pads will you not play at the same time. I typically do not hit two splash cymbals or china cymbals at the same time time, so its not a big deal. But, if you want to split toms, you have to make sure you don't often play both of the split toms at the same time. I typically play multiple toms at the same time, so I don't split my toms. A couple secondary crash cymbals are good to split. Just remember not to play both secondary cymbals at the same time. You can play a secondary and a primary at the same time and everything will be fine.
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                  I think my work is done here.


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                    And that is why I have 2 modules and the splitters are in a parts box for future non use LOL.
                    I tried them and didn't like the miscues!
                    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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                      I have two of these sitting around that I dont use as splitting has always been a pain in my A$$ so I just grabbed a second module. I have one in red and one in white if you need more. Message me if your interested.
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