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Buzz/Hum when recording

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  • Buzz/Hum when recording

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    Good luck trying to find the problem. Not that easy!

    Here's a good read: http://www.behindthemixer.com/track-...-sound-system/

    It could be a ground loop, so adding something like this could help: http://www.ebtechaudio.com/humxdes.html
    or something like this: http://artproaudio.com/artcessories/...t/cleanbox_ii/

    It could be a failing / loose connection within your cables or the input jack of your mixer.

    I had a hum once that was caused by the CPU fan inside the computer. That might have been a bad fan design, or a badly insulated motherboard.

    Like I said.... good luck!
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      Thanks Perceval, you gave me an idea. I hooked up a second laptop to test input/output channels. I found the problem was my HP laptop. So I drilled deep into the sound system and did fine a couple adjustments which did help and allowed me to reduce the volume on my mixer which in turn greatly reduced, if not eliminated the hum. However now I have to increase the volume on my drum module, but it works.

      Again, my thanks,


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        I use the HumX product and it works flawlessly, especially with my powered 8 channel mixer. You can direct boxes depending on what instruments you are recording.

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          HumX, cool - for now I'm OKAY with this, but I most certainly will go that way if things get worse or am more annoyed.

          Again, thanks for your comments - much appreciated.....


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            I found with our Toshiba laptop it has a big hum when connected to the power.
            But if I use the laptop running on battery power, no hum at all!
            Worth a try.
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              I tried unplugging it but the hum was/is still there. I believe it has something to do with the HP Pavilion's line-in/line-out connections.


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                Go to a hardware store and get one of those adapters that converts a 3-prong power plug to 2 prongs (with a ground wire). Do not connect the ground wire to anything. This will lift the ground on the computer and eliminate the buzz. It would be preferable, though, to leave the ground connected on the computer and try lifting the ground on any other device in the chain that has a 3 prong power plug
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                  The "run on battery" suggestion is one of the best.

                  But, the only other external issue is the power going into the mixer. This could be from a crappy circuit in your house. I've seen this many a time.

                  You need to plug into a socket on another circuit. If that doesn't work, go to another building entirely and try it. Keep the laptop on battery power when you do this.

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                    Yeah, it probably does have something to do with the house circuitry - this is a very old house. I have found a work-around (part of the problem is my HP laptop). For now, I guess I can live with it - at least until I get a new laptop.

                    Thank all....