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Personal Drum Monitor System's for the Vdrums?

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  • Personal Drum Monitor System's for the Vdrums?

    PM3 Personal Drum Monitor System - $695.00 is there any thing else under $400?

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    Originally posted by jonathan:
    PM3 Personal Drum Monitor System - $695.00 is there any thing else under $400?
    I think one can build their own 4 under $.4K.
    Are Heath kits still around? Guitar players in 1st band I was in built their own amps/speakers. They worked and they cooked! Of course we were only 13-14, but the stuff was cheap, heavy-duty and reliable.



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      I use PM3's with my set. I really like them. The sub is great for hitting those low notes.
      Drum World in PA sells them for $649. 800-335-3445. Talk to Jim.


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        For about $100 less ($550 or so, delivered) you can get a JBL Eon G2, much more powerful and flexible. (You can use it as an amp for small-to-medium gigs, has 2 1/4" and one XLR/mike input, will stand upright or angled sideways as a monitor, or pole-mounted.) EVen if you just want to hear yourself play and nothing else, why not get more power and better sound for less? (OK, you lose the stereo, and a few folks here are not crazy about the G2 sound but everyone I know who've heard it says it sounds great with V-drums, keyboard and vocals--at the same time even!)


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          The entire line of Eon speakers use a different design for the low end speaker. The basket is formed by using the front baffle, it's cheaper to manufacture but the basket is not field replaceable. I thought you'd like to know
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