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Loading individual kits

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  • Loading individual kits

    Is there a way to create separate kits from a TD-15 module backup to be loaded individually? I have a few backups with different kits including some VEX kits. Id like to copy a few kits from each backup to my current module. I know how to replace all kits from a backup but I only want a few from a previous backup.

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    VDrumLib is very useful for this. I highly recommend it!
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      I do have vDrumLIB (although Im not very comfortable with it). I am able to copy kits and create new backups (i.e., BKUP-###.TB0 files). I am then able to import the entire backup into my TD-15 module from the x:\Roland\TD-15\Backup folder on my USB stick via the modules Menu>System>USB>Load Backup function. However, what Id like to do is create separate kits (KIT-###.TB0 files) to load individually from the x:\Roland\TD-15\Kit folder via the modules Menu>Save/Load function.

      Heres what I did in vDrumLIB to get what I wanted:
      1. I created a new backup of my current system on the module to my USB stick.
      2. Loaded that backup from the USB stick into vDrumLIB.
      3. Opened the second backup with the kits I wanted to add to my module.
      4. Saved the backup with a different name to the USB stick.
      5. Inserted the USB stick back into the module and loaded the new backup.

      This worked fine but a little work for only three new kits. It seems like it would have been easier if I could have simply added the kits directly. Oh well it worked.

      Thanks for your time Intruder,