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SPD-30 / SPD-SX stick noise?

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  • SPD-30 / SPD-SX stick noise?

    Hey there,

    anyone with either of these can chime in? I wonder how loud the trigger pads are?


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    I've never played on an SPD-SX, but have played on the SPD-30, and there is some stick noise. The Alesis rubber pads are louder.
    The Yamaha M12 has less stick noise, because the rubber is softer.
    Stick noise is unavoidable on a a rubber pad. IMO, it is a non-factor, as long as you like the feel of the pads, and response and sound of the electronics.


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      I discuss this for the Octopad in this issue of digitalDrummer Mag:

      I discuss it for the SX in this issue of digitalDrummer Mag:

      The second article will refer to other articles where I've done extensive stick noise tests.

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        I have had the SPD-30 for a year the Rubber is soft, still stick noise is prominent at low volumes.
        Just got the SPD-SX and the pads seem firmer and make way more stick noise, haven't used it live with the kit yet.
        We play pretty loud so pad noise really isn't a problem, until a quiet part or song is played then it can be bad news if you just manage to flat stick a pad in a quiet section.
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