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TD30KV hi-hat double clicking

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  • TD30KV hi-hat double clicking

    I am getting a double click from the hi-hat from a single strike. It almost sounds like a ghost note. Also, I'm not getting any response from my bass drum unless I put a lot of foot into it. I'm assuming I need to tighten the head for better response with less effort. I just haven't done it yet. Any suggestions?

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    I recommend you read my setup guide and see if it fixes your problems:


    I think my work is done here.


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      It's usually a sign of wearing on the connection. Try changing the cables to see if it helps. Roland's HH's are known to wear on the cable pretty hard.
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        Great information. Thank you!


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          is the double hit on the hihat when you lift your foot off completely and the hihat returns to its normal position by itself? I had this issue, i changed the spring tension on my hihat to prevent the instant return to the top position because that bump was enough to triggerthe hihat hit sound

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