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Get the KD-120 or another KD-7?

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  • Get the KD-120 or another KD-7?

    Although it costs significantly more, is it worth it to get another KD-7 or should I splurge for the KD-120 and a double-pedal? What is the quality of the KD-7 vs. KD-120?
    Bronskrat T. Polecat
    [email protected]

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    I've seen the relative pros and cons of the kd7 vs the kd80/120 at various places on this forum, so use the search engine and you'll turn up plenty of interesting results.

    You'll hear people swearing by kd7s, others swearing by kd80s/120s, and others still saying you should by not one but two kd80s/120s. Then of course there'll be fence sitters too. :-)

    But just to add my two cents: I'd go for the kd80/120. The feel will, IMO, be more realistic and more like a real bass drum. And if you spend money on some top-of-the line double pedals then the slave (left) pedal will be so good that you won't even know you're not playing on two real bass drums with two real pedals. In my case I went for the DW5002TD (Delta II, Turbo).

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      When you buy a double pedal with a KD-120; don't forget to have an additional pedal for your KD-7, so you can play two sounds with your right foot

      I think an advantage of buying a double pedal is that you can use it too for double bass playing on acoustic drums, you don't need to buy an additional bassdrum when you want to use 2 pedals.
      Music was my first love...


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        If I got the extra KD-7, could I attach a different sound to it? Like cowbell or something?
        I get my set this Thursday. Woohoo!
        Bronskrat T. Polecat
        [email protected]


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          Yes, with 2 KD-7's you can play 2 different sounds.

          What I meant was that if you chose for the KD-120 with a double pedal, you'd still have one KD-7 left wouldn't you? Then you could use that one to trigger another sound.

          Or you could use 1 KD-7 for your left foot and 2 for the right ;-)

          Or even more!
          Music was my first love...


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            I think another advantage to having (2) KD-7's would be the case where you were to have technical problems with one...you still have the other to fall back on. And, YES...you can "assign" two different bass drum sounds to the KD-7 or stay with the one assigned if you are daisy-chaining them together!

            I personally don't use this option (I use a Pintech CKV upright with a DW5002AH), however I take my old KD-7 & beater along with every gig! I do like the upright kick trigger versus the KD-7 based upon the feel.



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              As most people here will tell you, you're best off to try one in a store. I'm all for the latest and greatest stuff, but I tried the KD-120 in a store and I hated it. It was way too bouncey and just felt funny to me.

              I've tried the newer KD-80, and I thought it was better for what I do than the KD-120, but in the end, I still love the KD-7.

              I'm steadfastly against double-bass pedals, because I've tried them all (except the AXIS) and none of them feel the same between right foot and left foot. If double bass isn't a huge focus of your playing, then you may not care.

              It's always the lame "duh" response that people give here, but in this situation, you're best to try them all out before you buy. Some people here love one, some people love another, but you don't want to find out after you get home, you know?



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                I was going to suggest a CK-V or even a Hart Pro-Kick upright... Great alternatives to the Roland.



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                  I use two KD-7's, and love them. Reasons:

                  1) Saved a lot of money (lots of KD7's on EBay cheap).
                  2) Less weight, space for packing - everything still fits in my cases.
                  3) The KD-7 is very easy to set up, I can also have my snare centered, and my legs ergonomically positioned.
                  4) Always have the option to daisy-chain, or send the output to an aux input.
                  5) The KD'7's, due to thier small size, leave room for my JBL EON 15PAK right under the toms.
                  6) Don't have to mess with a double-pedal set up (never did like them much).
                  7) Nice to always have a back-up bass trigger.
                  8) The feel and response of the KD'& has been very satisfactory. I use an AXIS A (the best IMHO) on the main bass KD-7, and a Pearl P101P Power Shifter on the second KD-7.

                  Please note that these are my reasons only, and should only be used for your consideration as you weigh in your personal pro's and con's. Happy deciding!
                  Driving a great song is better than driving a great car!!



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                    If anyone's interested (and to close this topic), I think I'm going to do the two KD-7's for many of the reason's previously posted. Main one's being separate sounds, and backup.

                    Thanks to everyone for replying!
                    Bronskrat T. Polecat
                    [email protected]