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Emergency! Help! Need Tracks ASAP!

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  • Emergency! Help! Need Tracks ASAP!

    Hey, guys. I haven't posted in a while, and I hate for this to be my re-introduction. I'll cut to the chase. My son has a serious prog-rock band and they are booked at a Seattle club tonight. Their drummer is awesome, but he is a total flake. Last night, he totally walked on them. Their stuff is just way too hard for me to learn by tonight. The guys are willing to play with a backing track if it is pro sounding. I'm busily trying to create tracks for their originals in Addictive Drums. They are supposed to cover Tool's "46n2" and "Panic Attack" by Dream Theater tonight. Does anybody have a quality drum track or a .midi file for those that I can use? I'll pay someone for their midi file if it is solid. Can Drumagog be used to isolate a drum track and save it as a .midi file? Again, I would pay someone to do this.. Help!!!

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    Go to songsterr.com and search for both songs. They are there I just checked. I think you can download the midi files if you sign up, but even if you can't they are there and you can transcribe them into Addictive Drums or whatever you are using. Good luck!! You can also download the backing tracks and use them that way, but that does require signing up.


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      I found a solid midi file for 46 and 2, but the mapping is really weird. Would anyone be willing to remap the drums to a Roland, Yamaha or GM mapping so I can just drop it into Addictive Drums. I don't really know how to do this without an electronic drum kit. Again, I'm not unwilling to pay for the privilege.


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        I found a midi mapper that will batch convert to popular mappings. It appears that the original was in GM so it was pretty straight forward.


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          Great. Hope it works out for you and your son. Post a video! Also, you should sit in and 'fake it' so they have a real drummer sitting there.