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Trading in my Roland TD-8 for a TD-9 v.2

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  • Trading in my Roland TD-8 for a TD-9 v.2

    Yes, I am trading in my Roland TD-8 for a TD-9 v.2 module. Am I doing the right thing? Are the sounds higher quality? Is it easier to use. Any downside? Thanks!

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    I can't speak for the TD8 as I have no experience of it but the TD9 is a great module with very good sounds, features and capabilities. The v2 adds new snare and bass sounds which are an improvement over v1. The v2 also allows access to 99 kits instead of only 50 in version 1.

    Newer technology in the TD9 would seem to suggest improvements and advantages over the 8.

    How about trading it in vs a TD15? Is that an option?


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      Yes the TD-9 has much better sounds, but you will lose the sliders, not that that's a big issue in most cases. The TD-15 is a good upgrade to the TD-9, but will cost you a fair amount more. However, the SuperNatural/behavior modeling performance functions are superior to the TD-9. I've owned them both.

      In fact I have a brand new TD-15 I just purchased as part of a TD-15K kit that I have on eBay. They sell new for $1099. You can have mine for $790 plus shipping ($15). It's really new. PM if you are interested.
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        If you do go with the TD-9v2, I'd recommend budgeting a little extra for a VExpressions expansion pack.

        I have a TD-9v2 with the VExpressions installed (the Master 50) and the difference compared to the standard kits is night and day. You could play the standard TD9 kits for a week or two and then buy a VExpressions pack and it will feel like you've upgraded again.



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          And if you are really looking for better sounds, and have a computer around, spend the $100 or so to get something like Addictive drums, or another VST, and be in heaven. That way, you get to keep the TD8 with all of its inputs and the kit you have all setup already. Add in a $150 audio interface to improve latency.

          Still a lot cheaper than a new module!
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            TD-9 is a good kit.
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              Yes....I plan to add a VExpressions expansion pack to the TD-9 v.2 module. The are more expansion packs available for the TD-9 as well.


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                I had a TD-8 that died and upgraded to a TD-9 and there's no comparison. Newer technology (USB..etc) and much improved sounds. You do lose some functionality such as I believe the TD-8 does positional sensing on the snare, but you more than make up for it in sound quality. The suggestion to spring for VExpressions is dead on. Great bang for the buck.


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                  Yep...TD9 is an awesome module/kit. Where's Saku when we need him?

                  K ;-)
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                    so how would and audio interface work with a td-8? Is it a matter of a dedicated laptop, addictive drums or other, and an interface all linked through midi cables?
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                      Lack of cymbal swells on TD9 bothers me... but maybe TD8 didn't have them either. The new modules have cymbal swells even on the lower end ones.
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