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TD-11 to 15 Upgrade Question/Opinion

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  • TD-11 to 15 Upgrade Question/Opinion

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    My experience with the TD-11 to 15 was similar. At first I was disappointed with how the 15 didn't seem to have some of the sounds I had became familiar with in the 11. I assumed the 15 would have everything the 11 had plus more added to it. It seems Roland wanted to create two different animals instead of just a continuation or addition to the other. For me, it was like I was still hanging on to the 11 when I started using the 15. After awhile I eventually let go of (or forgotten about) the 11 and that was when I realized the 15 does have a lot more going for it and is a more polished upgrade over the 11.

    The TD-11 has around 48 different instruments in the toms section, the TD-15 has around 100 different toms to choose from. As you have noticed, even though the 15 has more toms, it doesn't list the "plugged" (or "custom") ones that the 11 has. Maybe Roland just renamed them in the 15 for some reason? I don't remember what the plugged toms sounded like but there is probably something similar in the 15. I ended up just copying individual instruments from different Vex kits and pasting them into my own custom kit.

    Below is the DataList for the TD-15 and 11 for easier instrument comparison.
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      Thanks BluesMan. I'll keep digging and am sure I'll find what I'm looking for. I too thought the 15 would have been everything the 11 was plus more - not actually a different animal. I'll keep you all posted.....