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can Roland TM-2 be used like SPD-SX for looping?

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  • can Roland TM-2 be used like SPD-SX for looping?

    I saw TM-2 can do loop, but can it be used as group looping function like SPD-SX has? for example on SPD-SX if i setup 2 loops, loop A on pad 1, loop B on pad 2 and set as group 1, when i hit pad 1, loop A play, then I hit pad 2, loop B play and loop A stop. Can TM-2 do this? b/c I only need to play 2 loops or sometime 4 loops max [TM-2 has 2 dual input which can be split into 4 single pads.] Anyone know? thanks.

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    Yes, page 11 on the manual http://www.rolandus.com/products/details/1308/support/, when loop selected, and when you strike again the same zone, it will stop the sound, download the manual for others info.

    Level Adjusts the volume.
    If you choose “LINEAR,” the volume will change naturally according to the force of your strike. The settings
    “LOUD 1”–”LOUD 3” make it easier to produce loud sounds. The “MAX” setting fixes the sound at the maximum

    -Pitch Adjusts the pitch.

    -Pan Adjusts the left/right position.

    -Loop If this is “ON,” the instrument will sound repeatedly.
    Strike the pad once to start the sound, and strike the pad again to stop the sound.

    With the “POLY” setting, repeated strikes on the same pad will trigger multiple sounds that are overlaid. With
    the “MONO” setting, a repeated strike will turn off the currently-sounding note before playing the next note, so
    that the sounds will not be overlaid. This setting does not affect the way in which other pads produce sound.
    * If you turn Loop “ON,” this setting is always “MONO.”

    Determines the point in the instrument waveform from which sounding is to occur.
    This setting can be used to adjust the attack portion, or to reduce the latency of sound

    Multiple pads whose MuteGroup is set to the same number will not sound simultaneously. For example if
    you’ve assigned the pads of phrase A and phrase B to the same MuteGroup number, triggering phrase A and
    then triggering phrase B will cause phrase A to stop.

    Note# Specifies the MIDI note number of this pad. This note number is transmitted when you strike the pad. When
    this note number is received, the pad produces sound.

    EffectSend Turns the kit effect on/off for each pad. p. 12


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      thanks Chris. I have one offer me a new one for $160 shipped. Is this price ok?


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        On the topic of the TM-2, I just found out what the result of that Tama x Roland collaboration was.

        Part of the link was auto censored lol, no prizes for guessing what the correct link is.
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          Originally posted by tivi View Post
          thanks Chris. I have one offer me a new one for $160 shipped. Is this price ok?
          Nice price, it is normally 199USD, where you are from?


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            US .. just offered one on ebay and paid just hope that they'll ship the correct one


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              TM-2 just came this morning will be testing it out tomorrow


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                here is photo
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                  I thought the man in the red coat arrived tomorrow!!!


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                    This is just a tidbit. On the TM-2, there doesn't appear to be any timestretch looping, where you can change the speed of the loop, without affecting pitch.


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                      TM-2 works perfectly as looping same as SPD-SX, I used 2 Yamaha BP80 Dual Trigger [give me 4 single triggers] ..now i have spd-6 laying around so i hook up to TM-2 using MIDI cable, play around with it and set MIDI notes from TM-2, I got SPD-6 to trigger TM-2 but only 4 pads on SPD-6 works. Is there other way to make all 6 pads work? on SPD-6, there is no digital screen to it hards to find out which pad has which note number and on TM-2 only allow to adjust MIDI notes for those 2 dual trigger inputs.