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Roland TD8 Set-What are your thoughts?

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  • Roland TD8 Set-What are your thoughts?

    Greetings all... I'm thinking about buying a TD8 set-up.... Comes with three PD-80 pads, a PD-85 pad, a KD-80 kick, A CY(?) crash, CY ride, looks like a PD7 pad for the hi-hat, Hi-hat pedal, rack and the TD8 Module. May be able to get for $400.... Looks to be in decent shape.... I realize it's an older set-up but not really interested in paying a lot for an electronic set just to practice on, just need something quiet.
    I realize this is on older model but like I said, not looking to spend what the newer sets are going for...
    Let me know your thoughts and opinions...

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    TD-8 is an excellent middle-of-the-road kit. And with those mesh pads, you'll be grabbing a bargain there. Might want to upgrade the hats to a cy-5. And add some VEX packs to bring out the best of the module. For what it's worth, in my view, the TD-8 had the best brushes capability (with nylon brushes, not metal!) of any module - period!
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      Thanks for the reply... I'm new to V-drums so I can't say I know what VEX packs are.
      I'm going tomorrow to check this set out...


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        VEX packs from www.vexpressionsltd.com ...they are quite necessary for older Rolandäs modules, as the preprogrammed kits leave much to be desired.
        TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
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          Thanks for that link, I appreciate it.


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            I checked it out, the rack is a bit "Scarred", the module is in nice shape, the PD-85 pad is actually a PD-80.... and the bass drum works fine but needs the head replaced. The guy is stuck on $500... hmm.....