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Real snare?

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  • Real snare?

    I'm recording next week with my V-Drums and I am still not happy with the snare sounds I have. Has anyone created a very real sounding snare, and if so, could you share your settings with me?

    I'm looking for a nice pop music type of snare sound...with crack but also some depth to it.


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    Uhhh, almost all snares from the Vdrums sound real. I don't know what you mean. If you still don't like the snare sounds then you probably don't like the snare sounds coming from e-drums. And I do think you don't like them because you're talking about crack and depth.

    Nevertheless, choose a JAZZ snare, try to set the shell material to BRONZE (if you like metal snares; otherwise use MAPLE) and set the strainer to LOOSE. Then lower the shell depth. When I head the Vdrums I always choose a piccolo snare and then changed the shell depth to 8 inches or so. Gives a nice mix from crispy snare sounds with some depth.


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      ...pop music type?..and not happy with the preset snare sounds? wow!! pop must be very creative then